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 Andrew Webster ARPS

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Welcome to my website. I am a lifelong photographer,  and over the last fifteen years I have developed my practice across a range of genres. I now concentrate mainly on creative photography using in camera techniques and post processing to generate abstract and impressionist landscapes.

I am inspired by abstract art,  by impressionism, and particularly JMW Turner,  and I look to painters for ideas as much as photographers. I love being outdoors, on the beach, in the mountains, or in the woods. I live surrounded by woods so trees have become a vital part of my portfolio.

I have two RPS distinctions, and the panels are displayed on the Portfolio page of this site. I also regularly exhibit, support open studios, work with arts projects and mentor photographers. I give a range of talks on photography - the art rather than the science, the essence as well as the details. 


I offer workshops for small groups combining my enthusiasm and interest in creative woodland photography with long experience of team and leadership development as a professional in health and care.

In addition to a simple mirrorless camera I also use my iPhone a lot and can share ideas about phone photography, apps and processing to get remarkable results. 

For me, the creative process is to be immersed in nature, getting beneath the surface with all my senses to capture the essence of the landscape in colour, light and movement. I look forward to sharing that passion with you, through my portfolio, at events, or in a workshop.

Thank you.

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