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 Andrew Webster ARPS


I am a photographer who works across a range of subjects from landscapes to abstracts. I am inspired by colour, space and stories as much as places or people. So my images are often grouped in panels that tell the story of a place or an event and capture its essential visual elements and character. I am as inspired by painters (Turner, Rothko or Heron) as by photographers or locations, and seek to distil through palette and texture the essence of a scene.

Here you can find landscapes from India to the Outer Hebrides, wild places in low light, performers on the street and on stage and everyday abstract images. I have also included my two Royal Photographic Society distinction panels. The LRPS Panel is a series of architectural abstracts. The ARPS Panel explores the brilliant luminosity of a wet winter's night on London's South Bank in a panel that resembles stained glass more than conventional photography.

I use a mirrorless digital camera and my Dad's old Nikon Film SLR, but most of all my iPhone to capture images as I see them. The ARPS Panel was taken exclusively on an iPhone 4.

I am an active member of Dorking Camera Club

I hope you enjoy these images and welcome responses to them.

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